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Click on any scent to see a description of each scent.    Our new arrivals and limited scents are either on trial, seasonal, or limited quantities available left.  Just click the scent to see what is available for those scents. (listed in ounces left)

  ex. Large tin = 8oz and there is 6oz left to the scent you want, we can not make it. but we could make a 4oz or 6oz tin or other smaller candles

.*Soy Sensations Scents.*

Our Soy Sensations scents we carry all the time!

1. Clean Cotton

2. Cappuccino

3. Hot Apple Pie

4. Warm Vanilla Sugar

20. Lilac

31. Stargazer Lily


5. Butt Naked

6. Cucumber Melon

7. Blueberry Pie

8. Chamomile Tea

36. Island Mango

32. Dark Chocolate


.*New Arrivals.*

Please let us know if you would like us to add any of the new scents to our "Soy Sensations" scents!

No new arrivals at this time Check back later for new scents

.*Other Limited Time Scents.*

Click on the scent to see a description and an estimated amount of that scent left. (listed by ounce) Get the one you want before its gone!

9. Rose

13. Baby Powder

14. Dewberry

15. Cola

16. Lily of the Valley

17. Irish Cream

18. Cherry Chocolates

19. Magnolia

21. Vanilla Cream

22. Candy Apple

24. Rain

25. English Lavender

38. Peppermint Supreme

39. French Vanilla Supreme

Scent list posted and accurate as of :


scent amounts & availability subject to change.  Please contact for accurate amount.

Pictures on the above scent pages are for example only and may not be the exact color due to lighting and monitor settings and other variables.


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