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Why Soy Candles?

People are becoming more conscious about their health and environmentally friendly products.
Our natural soy candles preserve our health and that of our environment.

There are many reasons to choose soy candles.  Here are the facts about soy and other candles. 


Choosing soy wax candles are the quality you and your family deserve. 


Why Hemp Wicks?


We don't use cotton because of the large volume of pesticides needed to grow it, and because growing it depletes the soil of nutrients. Also, most cotton wicks are bleached with chlorine, which adds more unnatural toxic compounds. (Some cotton wicks even have lead or other toxic metal cores.) Hemp needs no chemicals to grow and has deeper roots than cotton, so it can nourish even the unhealthiest of oils. The uses for hemp are infinite.  Hemp wicks tend to stand up in the “melt pool” better than cotton. Also hemp based cloth products are natural, cleaner, and stronger.

Even our additives are natural like Vegetable Stearic Acid, a triple pressed Stearic Acid is a  derivative of Malaysian Palm. This additive will improve a candle's burning time and give it an opaque or white frosted appearance.


What about Gel Wax?


Gel Wax does in fact contain petroleum, but with hemp wicks the burn quality is improved.  Most people don’t even burn them.  They have wonderful scent throw even unlit! And are beautiful art pieces, most done to “look” like something like food or drink.  Gel is the only wax able to create these  interesting effects.  They are treated with UV protecting additives but should stay out of direct sunlight.  Gel candles, if burned, burn aprox. 5 TIMES longer than regular paraffin wax candles.  These beautiful candles make unique gifts and great conversation pieces!

These candles look different?

Soy candles do look and act different than other types of candles.  Soy wax is naturally white to off-white and doesn't hold colors as well as other candles because we don't used harmful chemicals or additives.  Your candle when after burning may turn white or more pale colored in spots around the burn pool (ring around the wick where the wax is melted).  This is completely normal and natural and doesn't effect the candles burn and doesn't always happen.  Some people think these natural changes add a cool effect and look.  Your candle may also "frost" due to the vegetable stearic acid and is also normal and natural.  The additive actually increases burn time and stability of the candle.   These characteristics make each soy candle look unique and beautiful, see our pictures either in our gallery or in our shopping pages!


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